2015-11-02 09.46.46My name is Lucy Ann. All my life I have been a lover of art in many forms. I was strongly encouraged to go to art college after I finished school, to be honest though, my heart was just not in it. Fine Art or Contemporary Art or Textiles were pretty much my only options back then and i knew that I loved to draw and paint nothing more, nothing less.

When I was 19 I had been consistently prolific with my art work, painting and drawing on every available surface from velvet to paper to my bedroom walls and floor. Suddenly and without any warning I experienced a terrible trauma completely based around my art work and I stopped functioning, artistically speaking, (and in general!) for many years. Maybe at some point I will do some work and writing around this event but for now I will leave you guessing and me comfortable knowing that I haven’t “over-shared”

I am an advanced clinical hypnotherapist by trade (My website) and love this aspect of my life though I am currently hampered by various health issues, with both physical and mental health disabilities meaning that my capacity for full time work is somewhat limited. I adore the English language and writing and write poetry, prose and have written a book about recovering from addiction which you can find here: “I had to die to write this book”

I love to draw mainly, though also really enjoy painting with acrylics and oils, though at the moment my main love is drawing, mainly faces and bodies. I also have a little side interest in drawing pets. I am in the process of creating an art journal using words and pictures to describe my journey through the pain and pleasure of living with bipolar disorder and PTSD.